Motivational conference expected to draw thousands

FRESNO, Calif.

"Get Motivated" is expected to bring 16,000 people to the arena. For cheap tickets, some less than $2 those attending get to see Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and retired General Colin Powell, along with football legend Joe Montana, and professional motivator Zig Zigler along with other business leaders.

Event organizer Brian Forte says their goal is to help the audience improve their lives. "People come to these events to get a dose of motivation, right now, more than ever need a shot in the arm, or a kick in the pants, or a pat on the back."

Cindy Dudley of the Better Business Bureau says "Get Motivated" is a well-established business with an A1 rating, but they do say people who attend can expect a sales pitch. "People can go to the seminar they offer those prices to entice people to come to those seminars of course there will be all kinds of things for sale, CD's Books, DVD's you name it."

Get Motivated holds these events across the country. You can go online and judge reactions. There is general praise for the speakers, but many complaints about high pressure sales tactics for things like investing programs, training and seminars.

Brian Forte acknowledges there will be things to buy, and he expects a lot of sales. "Because we give so much value for a very low entry ticket price when we do make additional opportunities available for people to participate, they usually do because they see the value they got from the main event."

Dudley offers this advice. "Don't feel obligated. If you are not interested, just say no."

The cheap $1.95 tickets were for pre sales. On the day of the event they will be asking more, from $29 to $225 depending on where you sit.

In addition they are expecting an overflow crowd so the event will be broadcast by satellite to the Fresno Convention Center in downtown. Those tickets are still $1.95.

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