Fresno Mayor holds budget town hall meeting

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin and other city leaders listened to people's concerns at a Central Fresno church. Most of the discussion focused on the city's multi-million dollar budget deficit. The mayor and the city council have not yet reached an agreement on how to fix it.

But Mayor Swearengin says better days are on the horizon."We know there's a shadow over past decisions made in the city, and we don't want to repeat those same mistakes. I'm really pleased with some of the policies our city council has made to prevent those from happening in the future."

People who came to the meeting also expressed concerns over how the planned high-speed rail line will impact the city and the economy. Mayor Swearengin agreed more work needs to be done to lower fares, to encourage more people to ride high speed rail.

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