Wrestler's expulsion upheld in "Butt Drag" case

FRESNO, Calif.

Action News spoke with the alleged victim's father. He wasn't present at the board meeting but news of its decision reached him just seconds after the verdict.

With a 3-2 vote -- the Fresno County board of education voted to uphold Clovis Unified's decision to expel Preston Hill from Buchanan High School.

The alleged victim's mother texted Ross Rice the news once it came down.

"So we're very happy. Hopefully and I hope that this is finally over and done with." said Rice.

Rice's son accused Preston Hill of bullying him last summer during wrestling practice. The freshman claims the bigger and more experienced senior went too far in using a move called the "Butt Drag".

Rice says his son is doing his best to deal with the backlash on campus since their story went public.

"And he's still getting the looks, the whispers here and there. But I think as he goes through the rest of this year and on through Buchanan, he will get this past him and move on." said Rice.

"The reality of it is he didn't do what he's accused of. So why would he not want to fight it all the way through." said Charles Magill.

Charles Magill is Hill's attorney.

The family did not want to talk on camera but Magill says Thursday's split decision means the Hill's plan on filing another appeal with the Fresno County Superior Court.

"It was literally 50-50 when it's 3-2. I think it's pretty clear that if someone was to spend a little more time with this record that they're going to come to the right conclusion." said Magill.

"Hopefully wherever it'll be appeal to will uphold the prior decisions and finally put this to rest. And that both the Hill's and our family can move forward and get this past us." said Rice.

No word on when the appeal will be filed.

Hill also faced a possible sexual battery charge in juvenile court but a judge dismissed that charge last month without Hill having to admit to any guilt in the case.

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