Sam Kinison fathered lovechild, friend says


Carl La Bove says he's lost his driver's license, passport and other privileges because he hasn't paid more than $187,000 in back child support. But according to La Bove, the actual father was Kinison all along.

Kinison, who died in a car crash in California in 1992, had an affair with La Bove's ex-wife.

On Thursday, La Bove filed court papers asking a judge to invalidate his child support order due to the new paternity test.

DNA testing submitted to the court Thursday shows La Bove has a zero percent probability of being her father. Additional tests done using samples from Kinison's two brothers, one of whom is now dead, show a 99.8 percent chance that she is related to them.

La Bove said DNA testing was never considered during his divorce, even though for years he said he had been told that Kinison was the girl's father, not him.

La Bove says he has a good relationship with the 21-year-old woman and that he hopes she may one day benefit from the late comedian's estate.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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