Ag Report - 2/23/2011

FRESNO, Calif.

East Coast growers aim to capture a $100-million share of California's broccoli market in five to 10-years. They've already received a $3-million dollar grant from the Department of Agriculture to create a broccoli corridor from Northern Florida to Maine.

Rising fuel costs are making it more expensive to ship broccoli from California fields to East Coast grocery coolers.

Farmers are making more money.

Western Farm Press reports net farm income is forecast at $94.7-billion this year. That's up $5.7-billion from 2010, even though there's been a $20-billion jump in production expenses.

The U.S.D.A.'s Economic Research Service says it's the second highest inflation-adjusted value for net farm income recorded in the past 35-years. Cash receipts are expected to increase nine-percent, with cotton, soybean, wheat, and corn receipts showing the largest gains.

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