Home raided by Federal Agents in northwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

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The all day search happened in the area of Harrison and Sierra and it's related to an ongoing counterfeit investigation.

The home is located on a quiet street in an upscale area. Agents served a search warrant just before 9 o'clock Wednesday morning. They spent about seven hours inside the home, and left with dozens of boxes worth of evidence.

A slew of agents from the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement carried piles of boxes out of the Northwest Fresno home Wednesday.

Some, had labels reading "porcelain mug cup." Others, said, Sunmin Trading.

Seong Won and his wife say they have rented the home for about two years.

Won arrived, after the agents had already left. He claims the couple who owns the home, live in Korea, and that the boxes are theirs.

According to Won, shortly after he moved in, the owners said they needed to use the garage for storage.

Seong Won said, "When we moved here, they didn't have a box like that, but somebody brought it in."

Federal agents working the case say their investigation involves counterfeit items.

While they wouldn't specify, neighbors tell Action News they've noticed boxes in the home, and heard some of them included items with the presidential seal. We spotted one mug, with an emblem of the New York City Police Department.

Kandi Garabedian said, "I don't see those boxes coming into the house, I mean you'd think you'd see it coming and going. That's a lot of boxes."

Karen Jacobs said, "It is, considering I hadn't seen anything going on at that house and we always drive by it and I'm always out in front."

No word yet on whether federal agents plan to return to the home. They posted this search warrant on the front door. It lists someone else other than Won who says because of this he wants to move out. "Yes, I'm surprised yeah. I'm surprised so much."

An ICE spokesperson, says, to her knowledge, no arrests have been made.

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