Deadline looms for High Speed Rail contracts

FRESNO, Calif.

That deadline led to the Fresno Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to get involved.

There are a number of small businesses that could benefit from applying to and bidding on the thousands of jobs the construction of the first link in California's high speed rail system. It will run from southern Madera County through Fresno and on to Bakersfield.

The evidence of why it will be a huge boost to the construction industry is evident at the corner of North Marks and West Dakota in central Fresno. That location is where two brothers launched their construction business, RSL Construction, after years of working for others. Sadly the state's economy has them selling the building and looking in another direction.

There situation led them to downtown Fresno on and the state certification workshop for small businesses.

Leonel Romero told us, "It's a lot of information to go through but that's why we're for, to see what, I guess the more you know the better you're equipped to handle it."

The brothers, Sergio and Leonel, arrived at to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hoping the work shop might lead to being part of the building a piece of California's high speed rail here in the valley. And that said Morris Caudle, Caltrans District 6 small business liaison, is going to happen for a lot of industries, "And I'd like to see Fresno and the San Joaquin valley benefit from this as much as we can."

He adds that the beginning of California's high speed rail system will bring some six-billion dollars to the valley along with an estimated need for one hundred thousand construction workers, "They're going to be looking at that certified business before they look at you so that's why it's good to be certified."

The key, he says, is being prepared to bid on the thousands of small business jobs the project will generate.

The Romero brothers say they will be ready to compete. Leonel put it this way, "You have to go out and look for opportunities and see what's out there and bring it yourself to keep the business going."

Contractors who want to work on the high speed rail system have to register with the state by March 16th.

For information on how to register with Caltrans and what small businesses may qualify for certain additional benefits in the bid process check out the links near the top of this page.

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