Attempted kidnapping in Hanford has similarities


It happened Wednesday in Hanford on 11th near Grangeville. A 12-year-old girl says a man pulled up beside her, and told her to get into his truck. Fortunately, the girl got away.

The girl told Hanford Police a man approached her in the middle of the day when she was walking home from school. Investigators believe Wednesday's incident could be related to at least one other, which occurred last month.

Antoinette Woods said, "Well, yeah, it's pretty scary."

Woods says she was alarmed Thursday morning, after receiving an automated message from the Hanford Elementary School District about an attempted kidnapping near her daughter's school.

Antoinette Woods said, "That's why we drop her off every morning and pick her up from school. We don't allow her to walk anywhere."

Antoinette's daughter, Joslin Woods said, "It like frightened me sort of because like I don't want to be the next person to be a victim of it."

Hanford Police say a thirteen-year-old Woodrow Junior High student had just left campus Wednesday afternoon when a man driving a white pickup truck pulled up beside her and asked her to get inside.

Sgt. Fred Trovato said, "And she just ignored him and kept walking and the guy drove off."

Hanford Police Sergeant, Fred Trovato says Wednesday's incident has similarities to another attempted kidnapping reported back on January 12th.

In that case, a 12-year-old girl was walking home from school, when she says a man driving a white pickup truck approached her and asked her to get in. The girl threw a rock at the suspect, forcing him to drive away.

Investigators still don't know if the two are related because of differences regarding the truck's description.

Sgt. Fred Trovato said, "You know it's unknown who we're actually dealing with. But, I wouldn't rule anything out."

As police continue their search, school officials are urging parents and teachers to speak with kids about safety. It's an important lesson some say means more now, than ever.

Andrea Wilson said, "It's kinda scary you know. Parents need to watch their kids closely. You can't trust anybody no more."

Investigators need your help. They are looking for A Hispanic man in his 30'swith curly hair and bushy eye brows. He was last seen wearing a blue tank top. His truck is described as a newer model Chevy Silverado with a green undercarriage.

If you have any information, contact Hanford Police.

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