Ag Report - 2/28/2011

FRESNO, Calif.

Valley grower, Kevin Clark says the frost can damage the blossoms on trees. He spent Sunday night, frequently checking the temperature to see if it would drop below 30 degrees. He says the extreme cold this time of year can have a devastating effect on some crops.

"This time of year it's anything that's blooming. Any of the stone fruits, almonds, cherries -- anything like that. The oranges can take it better now. They've got more sugar. They've gone through a lot of cold weather so they're a lot more cold hearty now," said Kevin Clark.

Stone fruit and almond growers will be adding warm water to the ground to help keep temperatures around the trees above 30-degrees.

Whole Foods Market plans to partner with more agricultural producers.

It's inviting local artisans, farmers and ranchers to a vendor symposium at its Fresno store Tuesday, March 1st.

Suppliers can register for private, 15-minute meetings with Whole Foods officials. They can present their products to Whole Foods' local and regional buyers while company officials discuss quality standards.

The symposium will be from 8:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon in the culinary center at Whole Foods Market, on West Shaw in Fresno.

Local farmers can learn more about winegrowing at a grape growing event.

Meetings will be held Tuesday at Wilson Ag in Shafter and Wednesday at Mission Bell Winery in Madera.

Frowers can get updated on the latest techniques to keep their crop pest free and growing strong.

To reserve your spot or learn more call San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers at: 559-618-1856

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