Two men return home after serving their country

FRESNO, Calif.

These two young service members say they are grateful for what the military has taught them. One signed on for another four years and the other chose not to re-enlist.

Melinda Hayes of Kingsburg was ready to give her son, U.S. Army Specialist Izaac Barrientos, a big welcome home hug. Two years of worry are over. "I leave it in god's hands and whatever god's has planned for him I just pray to god."

This army soldier and new father is on leave after a two year tour in Korea. He's committed to his young family and the army, he just re-enlisted. "Regardless of how the economy is now I know I'll be getting a steady pay check and my son will be taken care ... home for 25 days and next is Colorado."

Airman Matt KLundt arrived on the same airplane with Barrientos. He too was eager to get home. His happy dogs and his equally happy mom are thrilled he's home for good.

In the past four years KLundt has been posted in the U.S. and around the world. Including a tour in Iraq.

Despite being encouraged to re-enlist KLundt chose to return to college. And he's expecting to join a California Air-National Guard Unit. A choice that pleases his mom. "What he wants to do know he can't do being in the air force. So he has plans and he'll go forward with them."

This 24-year-old will take everything he learned from the service with him. "What we have here in American and what people have elsewhere it really opens your mind ... there's nowhere else I could have had that experience in four and a half years and I wouldn't trade it for world."

Two young men from the Central Valley serving their country and themselves ... each in their own way.

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