Made in America

FRESNO, California

This week ABC news has been examining how much of what we buy is actually made in America.

There are quite a few products made in California, even here in the valley.

Inside a huge warehouse in south Fresno, the Keiser Corporation manufactures millions of dollars worth of exercise equipment every year. The specially designed compressed air resistance system is popular with trainers and athletes worldwide. Keiser's loop cycling bike is the only American made spin bike on the market. Its competitors are made in China, and a few hundred dollars cheaper.

Keiser said, "To build a bike here, we have to work really hard, it doesn't come easy, but you have to make a commitment that you're going to build a product that's going to start from the design stage that's going to have a perceived value than what they could get from China."

Though most parts are American made, Keiser says there are a few,like the bike pedals,that are much cheaper to make in Asia.

"I Love to Create" formerly Duncan Ceramics in east central Fresno, manufactures dozens of products onsite.

You may recognize this little gold bottle of tacky glue. If you happen to have one of these in the drawer in your kitchen, you are supporting "Made in America" because this glue was made right here in Fresno California."

40% of "I Love to Create's" products are made in Fresno. The other 60% are made mostly in China.

Marketing Director Alyson Dias said, "As a manufacturer, that would be a dream to us, we would love to manufacture only here in Fresno, it's just not a reality based on the consumers purchasing behavior."

Cotton is another example of a valley made product, but very little of it stays local. While 90% of the nation's pima cotton comes from California, only 5% stays on U.S. soil.

Don Cameron, a Fresno County pima cotton farmer says most of his product is spun into fiber in China first and then sent back to the U.S. But there are a few places you can buy American made.

Cameron said, "There is a mill in Georgia that does use pima cotton, they spin it and then they sell it to manufacturers in the U.S. one of them being Fessler in Pennsylvania. They turn around and manufacture goods for Nordstrom's."

Products made in America and here in the valley do exist, you just have to know where to look.

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