Two Mexican airlines move in to FYI

FRESNO, Calif.

Both Volaris and Aeromexico announced early last week they will operate direct flights from Fresno to Guadalajara in the near future.

You would think two carriers would create a price war that would benefit the consumer. Travel say Volaris and Aeromexico are low-cost no frill airlines, and because of that you can expect to pay more for extras.

Television screens at the check in counter say it all. Volaris is on its way to the Central Valley. The Mexican based carrier already started selling tickets this week and will start operating flights from Fresno to Guadalajara on April14th.

With Aeromexico announcing its arrival into FYI, airport officials are excited to re-open the international terminal.

"There will be more flight options for passengers, more airline choices and then again, competitive fares," said FYI Spokesperson Vikkie Calderon.

The new airlines hope to cash in on Mexicana's departure from FYI. The struggling airline filed for bankruptcy protection and withdrew its flights from FYI last summer despite strong business locally.

Fresno resident Kent Scott is a former aviation executive with more than 30-years of experience in the airline industry. He's optimistic about the future of the two companies in Fresno.

"Somebody will decide whether or not they're going to add or subtract some because they have to make money too. They can't beat each other into the ground. But I think Fresno has enough of a market have to support both of these right now," said Scott.

Local travel agents like Norma Zavala are once again busy booking flights to Mexico. Clients tell her not having to travel to the Bay Area or Los Angeles helps.

"It makes a big difference for clients. But Volaris right now has some restrictions, so people need to be aware of that," said Zavala.

Zavala says Volaris' fares start around $220. But prices could spike to around $500 dollars depending on what option you choose. So if you're planning to travel with a lot of luggage or want unlimited changes to your flight dates -- plan on paying extra.

Aeromexico hasn't started selling tickets from Fresno yet so it's unclear how much you will pay for a ticket. They are expected to provide daily flights sometime in April while Volaris has said they will offer flights to Mexico four-days a week.

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