Deadly shooting at party in Sanger

FRESNO, Calif.

The shooting happened around 7:30 p.m. Saturday night at a home on P and 11th street.

The victims are between the ages of 20 and 50. Neighbors say this area isn't used to this type of violence.

This Sanger home, nestled between a church and a park, was the scene of a deadly shooting Saturday night.

Investigators say two men walked up to the house during a party and started shooting several rounds at people who were standing outside.

"At least ten gunshots, it sounded like a rifle or something. It was pretty loud," Matt Davis said.

"We thought it was fireworks, and then we put down the TV to listen and then we heard screaming, but I thought it was the neighborhood kids, then we came outside when we heard the first police car come," Patricia Cantu said.

A woman who lives at the home did not want to speak on camera but told Action News the party was a birthday celebration for her daughter.

About fifty people were at the house, most of them family members.

The woman declined to give the victim's name, but says he's one of her relatives and that she has theories about who the gunmen are.

Meanwhile, next door at the Faith Family Worship Center Apostolic Church Pastor William Sanchez says members are in shock.

"It's not typical for something like this to happen in this area."

During Sunday's service, Pastor Sanchez said prayers for the family---who he describes as good people. "Our hearts go out to them, because you know, it's tragic that something like this had to happen."

After Saturday's shooting, the gunmen ran away from the scene.

Neighbors say---they won't feel safe inside their own homes---until they're caught.

"They had children there, so these shooters, they had no regard for family. It's really bad, it's sad."

Saturday night's shooting marks the first homicide in Sanger this year. At this point, investigators have not given us a description of the shooters.

As for the two surviving victims, they have been released from the hospital.

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