Police: 1 person killed after Farmersville gang fight

FRESNO, Calif.

It happened Sunday morning on East Cottonwood Ave. near Sandy Street in Farmersville.

Early Sunday morning this street behind me was filled with more than 50 people using knives, bottles and other items to fight each other.

The person who threw the party tells me the fight escalated quickly. Valerie Castaneda says the party she threw Saturday night was intended to be small.

"Just like less than 25 and there was a lot more than that."

More than 50 people ended up packing into her house that night. Close to 2 a.m. Sunday morning, Castaneda says they started telling people to go home.

"Then we got a phone call that something bad was going to happen so we tried to get everybody in because we seen guys coming and then I heard someone say "Gun!" and that's when I rushed everybody in and that's when the two fights happened."

Farmersville Police believe rival gang members began fighting outside the home.

One person was stabbed and later died. Castenada identified him as her friend 21-year-old Paul Ruiz.

Three others were hurt. Police said people were using all sorts of items as weapons.

"Weapons of knives and bottles and basically any kind of yard utensil that could have been used. It was a basic melee out in the middle of the roadway," Lt. Mike Marquez said.

"And then I seen somebody got hit with a bottle that's all I seen that was physical and there was a guy getting kicked over here by like five people," Castaneda said.

Castaneda says she feels guilty that the fight happened at her party. Neighbors are shocked by the violence on what they say is usually a quiet street.

"I've never seen anything like that in eight years here," Reuben Salazar said.

Police have few leads on the suspects. Anyone with information is urged to call them immediately.

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