Porterville mom speaks about kidnapping

POPLAR, Calif.

23-year-old Pedro Mosqueda was arrested on felony kidnapping charges after investigators say he snatched his 8-month-old son from his room and forced his ex- girlfriend to come with him. After a tip from the public -- investigators found the suspect, the mother, and child at a home in Poplar.

In just a few simple words, Monserrat Caracoza describes how it feels to once again hold her 8-month-old, Sebastion, safely at her home in Porterville.

"Good, happy."

Caracoza says she was terrified when her ex-boyfriend, Pedro Mosqueda, broke through their window and snatched little Sebastion just before 2 a.m. Tuesday morning. Her parents heard her screaming that Pedro had taken the baby.

"He was parking like over here and when I went running to get my baby I hear my baby crying."

After a tip from the public -- investigators found Mosqueda, Caracoza and Sebastion at a house in Poplar. Mosqueda was arrested on felony kidnapping and child abduction charges.

Lt. Chris Wenzinger with the Tulare County Sheriff's office said, "The public stepped up they helped the media was a help and all the other resources from the law enforcement it was a great partnership and we're very happy for this ending."

While search teams were looking for the kidnapping victims, Caracoza and Mosqueda's other child, a two year old boy, was desperate for his mom.

Monserrat Caracoza, "They told me that yesterday he don't eat nothing he was just no mama no mama no mama and he don't eat nothing. But when I got home I looked at him and he wake up and he just Mom! And fell asleep."

Tulare County Sheriff's Officials say Caracoza and her baby were not hurt. People Action News talked to here in this Poplar neighborhood said they had no idea Caracoza and Sebastion were nearby.

"Very nice people something that you don't see over here," said Mary Cooper of Poplar.

"I think it's sad that you don't have to come that far to steal your own baby," said Brenda Burns of Poplar.

Caracoza has one message for the public after what she went through. "Just to be careful with the guys you are involved."

Caracoza says she spent the day with her family, who made her Pozole in celebration of her return.

Pedro Mosqueda is expected to be arraigned tomorrow.

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