Valley families search for loved ones in Japan


Action News visited the home of Tokiko Harper. She and her family are inside watching Japan T.V. and trying to reach Tokiko's sister and her family. 84-year-old Kazuyo Komatsu lives with her son and his family in Sendai, which is in northern Japan.

Family members here don't know exactly how hard that city was hit. Tokiko says she's afraid her sister may have been alone when the earthquake hit, and she hasn't been able to reach her or any other family members there by phone.

Tokiko's granddaughter, who lives in Winton has been searching the internet and plans to enter her relatives' names in the missing persons database in hopes of getting some answers.

For now this family continues to wait and hope for the best.

Another family here in the valley did find out their loved ones are safe after the massive earthquake hit Friday.

Nicholas Rivera of Fresno and his family spent hours worrying about his nieces living in Yokohama, before receiving word they were safe. He came to the Action Newsroom overnight to watch footage of the earthquake and tsunami's damage.

Rivera is a member of the California Alert Patrol, a volunteer disaster response unit. He says he doesn't know what to expect -- if and when he can get to Japan to help in rescue efforts.

ABC 30's Facebook page is filled with comments, wondering about family and friends. Many -- are stationed on military bases there.

Brooke DeWolfe in Yokosuka says she was evacuated from the Navy lodge due to a tsunami warning. Rachel Lopez at "Naval Air Facility Atsugi" says the base is not damaged.

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