Valley residents try to contact loved ones in Japan

FRESNO, Calif.

John Lofgren grew up in Kingsburg and left the Valley ten years ago to start a business in Japan.

His friends and family back in California are holding out hope that's he's doing all right.

"You know we had the earthquake right before that. I'm going to say fricking earthquake just wasted my store and office. Phones are out but we're ok."

Shawn Erickson recites one of the last Facebook comments posted by his friend John Lofgren.

Lofgren lives with his Japanese wife and daughter in Sendai, Japan -- which is located at the epicenter of the disaster.

In his Facebook page -- Lofgren lets people know he's ok after the earthquake -- but there's no update from him after the tsunami struck the island nation.

Erickson is just one of many friends barely hanging on.

"Everybody's trying to find out what's going on and not trying to drum up too much emotions at this time," Shawn Erickson said.

Erickson says Lofgren opened up a vintage music and memorabilia store in Japan ten years ago.

Before that -- he participated in Fresno's underground Ska scene in the 1990's and was often spotted at places like Warner's and Wilson's Theater downtown.

Erickson used to own a tea shop in Fresno's china town and became emotional when describing times when Lofgren would return to visit.

"Every time he came back from Japan he would bring different video tapes. Japanese anime and stuff that fit right in with the tea house. So John was a very giving and caring individual."

Erickson will continue to go on the internet to try and find any signs of life from Lofgren.

Both he and his friends won't stop until they know what happened to their dear friend.

"From what I've seen I want to say that he's very sharp. Very smart. And he would do anything to protect his family. And keep them safe."

Action News contacted Lofgren's parents in Kingsburg and they are obviously worried and devastated about their son.

They were too emotional to talk to us on camera but they are aware of his Facebook post and hope to hear from him soon.

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