How Fresno State students deal with fuel costs

FRESNO, Calif.

Right now in Merced, drivers are paying an average of $3.94. Visalia has the highest price in our area, at $3.95. And it's just two-cents cheaper in Fresno.

Like many CSU campuses, Fresno State is a large commuter school. Campus officials estimate 9,000 people drive to class each day.

Now, with gas prices at $4.00 a gallon, students say they are finding ways to switch up their routines.

Commuting to and from Fresno State together has become a daily routine for Sergio Donato and Mohannad Musleh of Chowchilla.

Reporter: "So you guys take turns driving?"

Mohannad Musleh said, Yeah, we take turns driving. He waits for me and I basically wait for him because gas prices are almost hitting four dollars."

Car pooling has saved both drivers several gallons worth of gas every week.

Other students like Heidi Lanza of Lemoore say, instead of finding someone to commute with, she's looking to change her living situation.

Heidi Lanza said, "I'm right now trying to find a place to either rent or buy closer, because even though I like the community out there, I can't afford to keep bringing this commute."

While students are looking for ways to save gas money, Fresno State employees are doing the same. Faculty and staff are entitled to free bus passes every month. And according to Fresno State parking administrator, Amy Armstrong, those requests have increased.

In January, staff members requested 47 passes. In February, they asked for 51. And just midway through March, that number is already at 53.

Amy Armstrong said, "Generally, when gas prices are on the rise, we do see a rise in numbers in our programs, and so we'll keep an eye on those and continue to publicize those options for faculty staff and students."

Some students say, they don't need to make a money saving change. Take Derrick Kroodsma for example, who, for the past several months, has ridden his bike to school every day.

Derrick Kroodsma said, "I still go to campus just as much cause it doesn't cost me anything, riding a bike ... ha ha."

Students can also sign up for Fresno State's ride sharing program, where they will be matched with other students looking to car-pool.

If you're interested in that, just visit the university's police department for more information.

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