Family of USS Ronald Reagan crew invited to Town Hall Meeting

FRESNO, Calif.

About 600 pilots from Lemoore Naval Air Station are serving aboard the aircraft carrier.

During the relief efforts on Sunday, more than a dozen crew members were exposed to low levels of radiation.

We're told they were able to use soap and water to clean themselves. And since then, no new cases of increased radiation exposure have been reported.

The meeting starts at 7:00 at the Coronado Naval Base in San Diego.

Meanwhile, weather temporarily hampered some relief plans. Pilots couldn't fly helicopters off the deck of the USS Reagan until late in the afternoon because snow created poor visibility.

Crews have been handing out supplies of food, water, blankets and other items.

They've also been using translation cards to communicate with Japanese citizens about what other supplies and assistance is needed.

Some 17 thousand U.S. Sailors and Marines on 14 different vessels are now assisting in the humanitarian effort.

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