Wet weather causes trouble on Valley roads

FRESNO, Calif.

Cars, especially small ones have been taking it slow but that hasn't been the case in other parts of the Valley.

Sunday traffic kicked up rain water on the freeways, reducing visibility for drivers. This was the scene on the northbound 41 at Ashlan. The driver a BMW lost control and spun twice before hitting the center wall.

"With the rain and everybody not slowing down, and driving safely, it's kept us busy," Robert Rico said.

Law enforcement all over the Valley have been going from call to call. At Shaw and Maroa the CHP investigated a possible DUI crash. The driver crashed into a light pole and she was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

And all this rain made for an exciting Sunday afternoon for Phillip Clark. "On my way back to my house I heard a big explosion and I saw sparks flying."

What he saw was this power poll lighting up with sparks after the driver of a Jeep Cherokee slammed into it.

Forcing the base of the pole out of the ground the top of the pole split from the force of the crash. "It scared me to death."

Fresno Police say the Jeep's driver swerved to miss hitting a dog.

Meanwhile, intersections across the Valley were flooded like Blackstone near Shields where cars splashed right on through.

"People need to make sure they take care of their vehicles, make sure your car tires have good tread on them and you're not exceeding the speed limit."

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