Rent toys instead of buy them

FRESNO, Calif.

Toygaroo is kind of like a "Netflix" for toys allowing families to rent toys instead of buying them.

Fresno mom Julie Han has three kids and a house full of toys.

"With a toddler, a school-aged child and a newborn, I don't have enough time to pick up after them constantly and we have toys in almost room in this house," Han said.

Julie says the clutter, not to mention the cost, of her little ones' toys are challenging.

"We end up donating a lot of toys the kids are no longer interested in, toys break, they outgrow them."

It's moms like Julie that can benefit from a new company called, an online toy rental company.

Here's how it works: parents sign up for a toy plan on the website. For $29.99 to $57.99 parents can pick how many toys and how often they're delivered. The average shipment includes about $120 worth of toys.

Once the kids are done playing with them, return them, with free shipping.

There are toys for all age groups. So as children grow, their selections change. And all toys are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.

Toygaroo was featured on the season premiere of ABC's "Shark Tank," a show that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to investors who decide whether to provide funding.

The company hopes this experience is the launching point for an innovative idea.

Julie says she can't wait to give it a try.

"I like that idea we rent movies through the Internet, so why wouldn't we rent toys through the Internet also?"


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