ATM smash and grab robbery string in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

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Watch the truck on the left side of your screen. It backs right up to this mini-market at Shields and Armstrong, and shatters the glass door.

Then, two people hop out of the truck and rush into the store. They attach a towing strap to the ATM machine inside, and then use the truck to pull the ATM out of the store.

The towing strap comes off and the ATM falls to the ground just outside of the store. But the suspects back up their truck, get out, pick up the ATM, throw it in the back of their truck, then take off.

Sgt. Mark Hudson said, "This is a felony burglary case. Certainly they're breaking in creating thousands of dollars in damages by busting out the windows."

Authorities are also looking for the black Ford Ranger truck used in the burglary. They say two similar break-ins have happened at Fresno businesses since this one, but it's not clear if they are related.

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