Storm caught many Valley residents by surprise

FRESNO, Calif.

Dozens of bus riders were soaked waiting for their rides at the Manchester Mall in Central Fresno.

It only took a matter of minutes for the area to start flooding with rain water.

"All my clothes are soaking wet, soaking wet through and through," said Monique Graham.

Many of the bus riders were prepared with umbrellas and jackets. But, others were not quite as prepared. The heavy rain left one man stuck in the storm while riding his bicycle through the mall parking lot.

Many other people hurried through the downpour and improvised. One woman used a plastic bag to keep the rain from falling on her son, while he sat in his stroller.

The swift storm caused a few riders to miss their bus. "I got bad knees so when it's cold I can't walk too fast," said Brandi Blanco.

"I don't like it, cause I missed the bus," Bruce McDaniels said. "The bus left too early, so now I'm out here in the rain."

Flood control crews quickly responded to trouble spots around Fresno. At Maroa and Garland, drivers slowly made their way through the flooded intersection. Three pumps flushed the storm water out of the streets and into a canal at a rate of 150 gallons per second.

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