Power restored to hundreds of Oakhurst residents


A handful of volunteers inside have set up cots for people to sleep on and they've left out blankets to help keep them warm. Outside, the Red Cross has set up a mobile center where people can take a hot shower.

"They need to know that they have a safe place to come. And this is it." said volunteer Zona Cahill.

Thousands of people are still without power in mountain communities like Oakhurst. PG&E crews have been working feverishly to fix downed power lines.

Contractors from across the country are in the Central Valley to help restore power to residents.

On Thursday this Montana based crew used a crane to get workers to the top of this utility pole. Gayle Padovich lives 25 feet from the pole. She had been without power for almost four days. Her days of misery took a positive turn right in the middle of our interview.

"Ohhh I have power. Haha. Oh my gosh. Yay that's what it looks like." said Padovich.

Before the power came back on -- Padovich had been sleeping at the Chukchansi casino hotel. Her four children stayed at friends houses. But now they can all go back home.

"I'm so happy, so happy. I mean nobody got hurt but still it a major inconvenience. " added Padovich.

"The challenge is the weather. Last night it started snowing. This road right here had about six inches of snow on it last night. It was complete chaos." said PG&E supervisor Rob Bebout.

The road to Oakhurst has also been riddled with rocks and other storm debris. A rockslide Thursday night created long delays just outside of town. A heavy bulldozer cleared the road, but the heavy damage from all this stormy weather continues to linger.

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