Clovis PD investigates third murder of the year

FRESNO, Calif.

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Police say Kay Daniels was visiting with friends Thursday night when he was shot three times with a small caliber handgun. He was standing in the duplex courtyard when he was hit.

Janet Stoll-Lee said, "This was not a random act of violence that we can tell. It was not a drive by shooting and right now investigators are working to determine what exactly the motive was in this case."

Not long after police arrived, a K9 dog was brought out along with investigators from the U.S. Marshall's office.

"Basically they cordoned off the area and they started talking to people," said Stoll-Lee. "People that were coming in, people that were trying to leave, that sort of thing to see what kind of information they might have."

The neighborhood at Ashlan and Helm seemed back to normal Friday, except for the fear some people say they are experiencing.

Many people who live in this immediate area are afraid to show their face on camera. They say drugs are a growing problem here, but the violence is something new.

This latest shooting comes at the end of a violent week in Clovis. Last weekend 33-year-old Dewayne Young was shot several times and found lying in the street near Fowler and Bellaire. Police have not made any arrests in that case.

Clovis has already had three homicides this year, this compares to just two in 2010 and two in 2009.

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