PG&E crews work to restore Valley power

FRESNO, Calif.

The good news however, Sunday's weather made it easier for PG&E crews to work as well as homeowners who are also getting their hands dirty.

Oakhurst residents didn't wake up to the sound of birds chirping Sunday, instead they heard chainsaws. Several homeowners spent the day clearing fallen trees.

Mike Monahan lives along Road 426. He estimates nearly 20 trees tumbled on his two acre property.

One left a small hole in the roof of his home.

"Very fortunate cause I know people that had trees fall on their house and crush their house, so we're real fortunate," Mike Monahan said.

Just up the street, one couple's home escaped any major damage. Their biggest task was removing enough tree branches so they could park in their garage.

"We've only had the house for two years so it's kinda new to us, but it's a mess," Paul Porter said.

PG&E crews also had their hands full Sunday as workers continued repairing downed lines and broken poles.

Amanda Welch of Oakhurst has been in the dark since last Sunday.

Instead of staying home, she's been spending her free time taking pictures of all the damage. "Welcome to the mountains. What do you do? It's fun."

Meanwhile, in Bass Lake, The Forks Restaurant was back open Sunday with power fully restored.

Their neighbors however aren't so lucky. At a nearby housing complex residents are still relying on generators.

Sunday marked day seven they've been living without electricity.

Mary Sutton says she's doing the best she can. "Well, it's fine when the sun comes out and shines, but when it's dark…I don't like it."

PG&E officials told some of those residents their power will be back on Sunday night.

But, crews are still trying to access some pretty remote areas. So for some, the outage will last a few more days.

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