Weekend storm makes heading to the Sierra

FRESNO, Calif.

People driving near Blue Canyon in Placer County found themselves stuck in traffic. Sometimes for several hours Saturday.

Traffic was at a standstill on Interstate 80 as thousands of drivers created a congested road and sat waiting to get by.

Saturday snow fell at an elevation of 3,000 feet at times it turned into a rain-snow mix, creating slush on the roads and forcing drivers to use chains well before reaching a chain requirement check-point.

Many drivers say they were on their way to sierra ski resorts for the weekend.

Others though, say they were stuck in traffic trying to get to work or to family get-togethers.

"Traffic kinda sucks... we had a snow ball fight with my buddy a few yards back... that was pretty fun... driving around the road throwing snow balls at each other," Joe Davis said.

Some of those who were delayed were big rig truck drivers trying to deliver loads.

And in San Francisco heavy rain forced a pair of huge boulders to break away from a hill and hit two parked cars yesterday.

This happened in the Golden Gate Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.

Authorities say no one was hurt

Officials say the intersection will remain shut down until at least 24 hours after the rain has stopped - just to make sure the hill has stabilized.

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