Purse snatcher caught on tape at Fresno's P.F. Chang's

FRESNO, Calif.

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"It was a really busy night. He did it at 6pm. He stole the purse at six, and I didn't notice until about 9:30pm is when I got off." said McLemore.

Surveillance video shows the suspect walking through the door just after six that evening. He comes in with a cell phone to his ear and a coat over his right arm. He walks out of the picture for just a second when McLemore comes to seat some guests. McLemore explains what happened next.

"And he kind of was on his cell phone and he walks past and kind of opens it. Puts it in his coat and literally as he's walking out one of our girls walks right by and says like bye and he's like see you. And walks out." added McLemore.

McLemore had been shaken up by the whole ordeal. She lost her phone, camera and some bank statements. But most importantly the suspect had her car and apartment keys.

"Just panic. You know like is he at my apartment now. Because it had been a good three and a half hours before you know. So I didn't know, I had my dogs here, of course I'm afraid." said McLemore.

The Fresno State student says dealing with police in this case has been frustrating. But when she heard hostesses at another restaurant in the Valley had been victimized in the same manner -- she contacted Action News to get the word out.

"When I heard it it's like it happened all over again. When I heard it happened to another girl. And I don't know haven't talked to her it's just a story from a person that I work with that heard about it and she knew what happened to me so, she kind of correlated it. Sounded like the same. Sounded like he did the same thing."

A different surveillance camera shows the suspect up close. You can see him hold his cell phone to his ear as he apparently scopes out the scene before committing the crime.

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