2 shootings, 1 killed, 3 wounded in Tulare

TULARE, Calif.

The first happened around 4:30 Thursday afternoon at King and H Street. Police found a young man dead in the street. Around 8:30 Thursday night, just a few blocks away, someone shot two women and a man.

Detectives scoured the scene of the city's second shooting in just one day.

Sgt. Richard House said, "Certainly unfortunate, one person has already lost their life, very unfortunate. It's very disheartening to myself and the department as a whole."

Police showed up to South I Street and found three people had been shot.

Sgt. Richard House said, "These types of incidents do occur, they're anomalies, I guarantee you that, they do not happen that often but they do occur."

Just about four hours earlier and only four blocks away, another shooting. This time police say a man in his late teens to early 20s was found dead in the street.

Carmen Pineda says she feels sorry for the victim's grieving family, and she tells me knowing that a man was shot and killed just around the corner from her family, is frightening.

Pineda said, "I think we have to move to some other place, because I have teenagers and this is scary."

The victim in this first shooting was found next to a bicycle in the middle of King Avenue near H Street. Police aren't sure if this is where he was shot or if this was where he managed to get to after he was attacked.

Meanwhile, police say they will continue to interview witnesses to both shootings, hoping to find out what, if any, connection can be made.

Police have not released the condition of the three people shot.

A family member says the young man killed Thursday afternoon was just 17-years-old.

No arrests have been made in either case.

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