Organize and store your photos

FRESNO, Calif.

Barry Wizoreck takes hundreds of pictures of his son. He uses a photo website to send prints to grandma and grandpa, but admits he could use some help with the thousands of pictures stored on his laptop.

"They're extremely important to me. So if I lost them, I would be heartbroken."

Consumer Reports says there are more online photo sites than ever. It just checked out ten.

"We looked at storage space - how much you get, how much you'll pay - print prices, and other special features so you can figure out which site is right for you," Jody Rohlena said.

Another plus with these photo sites - they serve as a backup for your photos in case your computer crashes.

If you simply want some storage space like Barry, Shutterfly and Snapfish offer unlimited photo storage - no matter what.

"Some sites like Walmart and KodakGallery require one purchase per year for that free, unlimited storage.

For beginners, offers easy-to-use photo-editing options like cropping and "fixes" like removing red eye.

At, a click of a button shares your pictures on sites like Facebook.

"Keep in mind with Photobucket, if you need more than 500 megabytes of storage - that's about 150 photos at the highest resolution -you'll pay about $25 a year," Rohlena said.

As far as making prints, you have plenty of options. A plus at Shutterfly - if you need prints fast, you can pick them up in an hour at several locations, including Target.

"We didn't test for print quality, but as far as costs go, most 4X6 prints will run you anywhere from 9 to 15 cents apiece."

And Consumer Reports says if you can tolerate the e-mail, sign up for special offers because you can get great deals and coupons for photo books and lots of other picture projects.

As far as security, all ten of the sites Consumer Reports checked out guarantee your photos are stored securely and can only be viewed with a password.

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