4/1/2011 Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The State Senate has passed a bill letting field laborers organize by submitting the signatures of a majority of workers to a state board, rather than holding a polling place election. The board would then certify the signatures.

The bill now goes to the assembly. Former Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed similar bills. Supporters believe it has a better chance under Governor Brown.

Farmers are expected to boost the size of this year's corn crop, which could ease global food inflation by fall.

The Agriculture Department reports that farmers intend to plant over 92-million acres of corn this spring -- a five percent increase over last year. It would be the second-biggest corn crop since 1944.

Worries over a shortage have doubled the price of corn, from $3.50 to more than $7 a bushel since last summer. The high prices are encouraging farmers to plant more corn.

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