Even more Fresno 'Handbag Bandit' victims come forward

FRESNO, Calif.

Britany believes the man reached over the counter and grabbed her purse, which was stuffed onto a shelf. She lost $300. "I'm really frustrated, I know I'm never getting my money back but I'm hoping he gets caught and stops being able to do it. Obviously he's getting away with it everywhere."

In addition another server at the nearby Applebee's Restaurant said her purse was taken by the same guy, recognized as the suspect in another purse snatching in the same restaurant.

A third server at the Yukon Jacks Restaurant at Clovis and Herndon also had items stolen from her purse, which had been stashed on a shelf near the cash register. She wasn't available but her co-worker Abraham Ochoa told us; "I think he took something like 70 dollars and he might have gone though her car as well."

Clovis Police have surveillance video of a suspect taking a purse at Kaplan College. Fresno Police say he appears to be the same guy who's hit at least two Fresno restaurants: PF Chaings and the Cheesecake Factory.

There's speculation the suspect, has restaurant experience, and knows that in most restaurants it seems, the female employees don't have a secure place to put their purses.

Britany Burks thinks things have to change; "There aren't a lot of places to lock away your purse in restaurants, especially with so many people working there. It's hard to keep an eye on them but we're going to have to find a better system."

Clovis Police say their investigation has been hampered because the chain restaurants involved have not yet provided their surveillance video of the suspect.

Fresno Police said they believe they are close to solving the case.

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