Those they leave behind

FRESNO, Calif.

Aleyna Besmer is a dietitian at Childrens Hospital Central California. She makes sure patients get the nutrition they need to heal and foods they like, as well. These days she only works part time.

Aleyna Besmer is also a mother taking care of her children without her spouse. Her husband is serving in Iraq. "After the first few weeks of adjusting to being a single mother, essentially, you just manage; life gives you a deck of cards and you play."

Her draw card includes two children under the age of 3. That's already a handful, but shortly before husband Captain Matt Besmer deployed to Iraq they learned another was on the way. "Didn't know I'd be pregnant with two kids when my husband was in Iraq but it all worked out for the best."

Her son, Ashton is the oldest at 3. He sister violet is 13 months.

Thanks to technology Captain Besmer is still reading them stories through videos he recorded overseas.

Army Captain Matt Besmer is a Jag Officer -- a military lawyer. He emailed Action News his thoughts on being away from home. "I miss my wife, son, and daughter more than words can say; and I am very excited about baby number three -- my new son! I can't wait to hold my children; to see my daughter walk, and to build forts with my son."

He's busy with legal issues in Iraq: contracts, internal investigations and military justice -- this week in the same courtroom where Saddam Hussein was convicted and sentenced to death.

He's counting the days to coming home, just like his wife. In the meantime her parents and her in-laws are offering unconditional support.

"Every other weekend or so I'm saved by some family members or just able to get out and do some things by myself. Everyone has just been great helping out and just being a part of our lives," said Aleyna Besmer. A blessing she adds just like the new baby on the way.

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