2nd foster daughter accuses teacher & coach of molestation

FRESNO, Calif.

Willie Green worked as a substitute teacher in the Fresno Unified School District, an instructional aide at Roosevelt High School, and a junior varsity basketball coach at San Joaquin Memorial High School. But prosecutors say the trouble happened at home, with his foster children.

The new charges stem from three incidents with a 16-year-old foster daughter Green only had for about a month. But the 13-year-old foster daughter who made the first claims against him may have collected the best evidence for the prosecution.

Disturbing details emerged Monday about Green, a man who made interacting with children his life's work. Green was a foster father to as many as six children at a time and police say, there was trouble at home.

Investigators say his 13-year-old foster daughter described ten to 15 different times when they had sexual contact against her will.

"As [the 13-year-old victim] was walking up the steps to her bedroom, Mr. Green grabbed her, picked her up, and took her to the couch," detective Jose Jauregui testified in court Monday.

Social Services took all six children away from Green and his wife after a 16-year-old foster daughter reported contact that made her uncomfortable. But Green wasn't charged with a crime for months. When he was, it was in part because of a phone call he made to the younger girl. Police recorded the conversation and had the girl reference the illegal contact.

"Mr. Green told her not to tell anybody, that he would lose all that he'd worked for -- as far as working with kids -- and that his life would be over," Jauregui said.

Green's attorney says there's a lack of evidence against his client, leaving nothing but a case of "He said. She said."

"My client is accused of having multiple sexual acts and (there's) not one single medical or physical examination," said attorney Franz Criego." No DNA whatsoever."

Judge Gary Hoff decided there's enough evidence to put Green on trial, so he'll be back in court later this month. Meanwhile, he's on involuntary leave without pay from Fresno Unified, pending the outcome of his trial.

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