FUSD Superintendent twice cited for driving without license

FRESNO, Calif.

Hanson told Action News he takes full responsibility for letting his license expire, and for speeding. He didn't want to talk on camera about his run-ins with police, but he says he's taking care of it and Action News tracked down proof that he really is.

Hanson couldn't drive himself to a celebration at McLane High School Thursday. Police towed his car from the intersection of Tulare and R St. last week after pulling him over for driving 42 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone. More significantly, it was Hanson's second speeding ticket since his driver's license expired in December. He got one in February before the one last week. School board trustee Larry Moore says it's a questionable move by Hanson.

"Letting your license expire, you need to take care of that and of course, he shouldn't have done that," Moore said. "And when he got notified, he should've taken care of it immediately."

Hanson was a passenger in a car pool for the McLane event, and until he gets his license back, he'll have to be driven around by a friend, relative, or a hired driver. He can't use district personnel as chauffeurs.

"Do you know whether Hanson is using district personnel to drive him around?" an Action News reporter asked Moore.

"No, not to my knowledge," he said. "That would not be proper."

Hanson's contract with the district pays him $277,000 a year, plus a $1,000 a month travel allowance. But it requires that he drive his own vehicle. Hanson can be terminated if he doesn't live up to the terms of the contract, but Moore says traffic tickets don't rise to that level.

Court records show Hanson has already paid off his tickets. As for his license, he tells Action News he's already been to the DMV, and he expects to have a new license by Friday.

Moore says Hanson's troubles with the police could be a discussion at next week's school board meeting. Meanwhile, police say it looks like Hanson has a speeding problem. They say he has five tickets in the last three years.

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