Polytech student runs for Prom King

FRESNO, Calif.

A limo arrived to pick up Geronimo and his date. Geronimo is a special education student at Duncan Polytechnical High School.

He spent Saturday getting his tux ready and taking pictures with family and friends.

Prior to Saturday night, Geronimo has been making posters and passing out stickers, asking classmates to vote for him.

And according to his teachers the entire student body is rooting for him to win.

"And so Geronimo wanted to do it and people just really like Geronimo, and they've given support, even his opposition," Dave Kawakami said.

"Are you excited?" "Yeah." "What are you going to win?" "King!" Geronimo Gonzales said.

If he wins, Geronimo says he will, and of course, we'll let you know tonight at 11 p.m. if Geronimo comes home with a crown.

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