Major's Annual Youth Job Fair in Central Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

From McDonalds to Blackbeard's Family Entertainment Center, thousands of eager job seekers waited in long lines Saturday for the Mayor's Annual Youth Job Fair.

"Do you think you'll end up getting a job out of this?" "I hope so. I really hope so," Carla Garcia of Fresno said.

The 25-year-old has been looking for job since February.

She trying to be optimistic but says the number of applicants compared to how many jobs are available is discouraging.

"It's so crowded; I think some people will be disappointed." Of the 35 employers who participated, 30 have openings.

Organizers with the city of Fresno say they were hoping for 50.

"We had some that cancelled, that's why we don't have fifty. But the ones we have here are the ones we expect to have jobs," Darryl Du'chene said.

Employers did not offer jobs on the spot. Instead, they collected applications and set up follow up interviews.

"Get to meet some new people, meet some hiring managers. It's better than nothing," Durie Foster of Kingsburg said.

Some applicants even had a chance to get resume help and tips on how to succeed during an interview.

Diane Volpp of Fresno says that's exactly why she brought her 16-year-old son.

If not for a job, then for the experience of finding one.

"Besides the money, he's looking for the experience and be able to grow and then have the future. To get the practice," Diane Volpp of Fresno said.

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