Mother admits "bad decision" for encouraging fight

FRESNO, Calif.

Carla Jimenez is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor last September.

Two girls went toe to toe in the video widely seen on the Internet.

Two women are now facing the consequences.

The fight only lasted about 35 seconds, but it was posted on YouTube long enough for police to get hold of it and file charges against the mother of a 12-year-old girl involved in the fight.

"I tried to defuse it up until the point that I drove up and saw 20-30 kids there against my child and my child there by herself," Jimenez said. "I made a poor decision, but I never wanted that fight to happen."

Jimenez is accused of egging on her daughter and she admits she dropped the ball as a parent.

But Jimenez says she tried to stop the fight before it started.

Her attorney says it was prompted by several weeks of bullying.

"She moved her to another school thinking that would stop it, but it didn't and it just kept escalating," said Roger Vehrs.

Jimenez pulled her daughter out of Scandinavian Middle School three weeks before the fight.

But prosecutors point out that Jimenez didn't discuss any bullying with administrators until minutes before the fight.

Jimenez's former friend, Nancy Ramirez, pled guilty to the same charge Jimenez faces. But Ramirez drove the 12-year-old to the fight and encouraged the violence.

Jimenez says she had just left the vice principal's office to trying prevent the fight when she noticed it was already in progress, just a few blocks away.

But she doesn't want to point fingers, except possibly at viewers' tastes for video on the Internet.

"I believe my child and [the 13-year-old she was videotaped fighting] were both victims and just some entertainment for this YouTube thing," Jimenez said.

She faces a year in jail if she's convicted, but says she wanted the truth to come out no matter what.

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