Fresno business burglarized 3 times

FRESNO, Calif.

So Marco Zamora contacted Action News to try and get word out on these crooks and get his stuff back.

A broken lock still lies on the ground where Marco Zamora says thieves cut it in order to get into his parking lot.

He says sometime between 1 p.m. and 10 p.m. Sunday crooks took a blue Carson trailer similar to the one seen here in a photo.

"I mean it's just constant theft in this neighborhood. And just a few weeks back they broke into my office and took everything," Zamora said.

The second hand store owner says about a month ago someone broke through a tiny back room window and walked into his office, taking laptops and cell phones.

He's since put up metal bars but the damage is still evident.

"I have probably lost about $10,000 just in the last month or so," Zamora said.

And roughly two weeks ago, someone broke into his store again, cutting through a fence to take 150 feet worth of fencing in the back yard.

Zamora says some of his problems can be attributed to the central policing station closing earlier this year to cut costs.

As a result, the area is now patrolled by officers from the southwest district.

There's also another glaring problem he constantly facing, the alley that sits between his store and the parking lot.

"It's really dark at night. I mean at night it's just pitch black. I did put those lights right there and it lights up a little bit in the alley. But for the most part it's just serves as a crime spot to me really," Zamora said.

Zamora has only one camera outside his front door so it didn't catch the suspects in the act.

He plans to install more security cameras soon. Action News called police at the southwest station and our voice messages were not returned.

We do know that officers came out Sunday night to investigate the latest burglary.

If you see the trailer or know who might have done this, call Fresno Police.

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