Wanted Fresno gang member released day after arrest

FRESNO, Calif.

21-year-old Kenneth Johnson was arrested after police say he tried to pull a gun on an officer.

One officer fired two shots at Johnson when he ran from the area of Dorothy and Tubman Monday afternoon.

Johnson was not hit and police say he stopped, dropped the loaded revolver, and was arrested. The revolver turned out to be stolen from a burglary in Northwest Fresno.

Johnson was booked on five charges:

- Felony brandishing at an officer
- A gang member in possession of a stolen handgun
- Gang member possessing a handgun
- Resisting arrest
- Gang enhancements

He also had a warrant for possessing a firearm.

Police say Johnson was released Tuesday morning from the Fresno County Jail due to overcrowding.

In January, police told Action News generally suspects can be held in jail on gang enhancement charges. They referred our questions about his release Tuesday to the Fresno County Jail. The jail told us they cannot comment on Johnson's release at this time.

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