FBI: Bombing suspect bought supplies from Clovis company

FRESNO, Calif.

The FBI charged 60-year-old Ron Hirsch with four felony counts on Tuesday. He's accused of setting off a pipe bomb outside the Chabad House in Santa Monica last Thursday.

The explosion damaged a wall and sent a 300-pound chunk of concrete with a metal bar attached flying into the air. No one was hurt.

According to federal documents, Hirsch bought three 11-pound bags of demolition supplies from Constar -- a construction company in Clovis.

The owner didn't want to talk on camera, but tells Action News the products Hirsch bought are legal, and were likely ordered over the phone.

Hirsch was arrested Tuesday in a Jewish Center in Cleveland, Ohio, after a rabbi recognized him from news reports. He will appear in court Tuesday in Cleveland before being extradited to Los Angeles.

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