Driver that hospitalized Shaela Warkentin arrested for DUI

FRESNO, Calif.

Lindsey's truck plowed into the car carrying Shaela Warkentin on March 8th. The crash left the teen critically injured.

Life changed that night for the entire Warkentin family. They and Fresno's Police chief have a message to keep accidents like this from happening.

The collision was horrific, a pick-up plowing into a small car, stopped at a red light, with three young women inside.

15-year-old Bullard High School student, Shaela Warkentin, was left fighting for her life. She remains in the hospital with grave injuries.

Shaela's father, Ken Warkentin said, "Shaela had dreams and they're gonna change a little bit now. We'll get through it, day by day. We do have a strong faith in our Lord Jesus Christ."

The family joined Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer as he talked about a blood test from 68-year-old Douglas Lindsey. It has led to a felony charge of a 'DUI' causing injury.

Chief Dyer said, "It revealed that suspect Lindsey was under the influence of Hydrocodone better known as Vicodin. He had been taking that drug for the past 10 years as are result of a back injury."

Shaela's sister Karissa spoke with compassion for Douglas Lindsey even as she believes he must face the consequences.

Karissa said, "When I saw him getting out of the car that night I felt it could be anybody, you know, and I had such compassion on him and wanted him to know that we're not bitter or angry toward him."

Douglas Lindsey will face the DUI charge in court April 27th. Chief Dyer meantime is hoping this case and this family will inspire others to never drive impaired by any substance.

"And what we want to do is prevent other tragedies such as this from ever occurring again," said Chief Dyer. "And that is what we are hoping the message will be as a result of this tragic incident."

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