Fresno man takes the law into his own hands

FRESNO, Calif.

"Here's the truck that I believe took my trailer."

Exclusive surveillance video shows a white truck pull into the parking lot of the Los Arcos restaurant and nightclub Sunday night around 6:45pm. You can see it make a left turn into an alley which leads right to Marco Zamora's gated parking lot. Three minutes later the pickup backs out and leaves the same way it came in. Just as the driver is leaving you can see a dent to the right side of the truck.

This night video shows the same parking lot an hour later. It's tough to see but a white pickup drives left to right in the alley and it appears to be carrying the blue carson trailer similar to the one seen in a photo.

"After we reviewed the video I decided to take a drive around the neighborhood. Because by checking out the time I concluded that it had to be somebody in the neighborhood and sure enough we found the truck in the neighborhood." said Zamora.

Armed with the surveillance video and the location of a possible suspect vehicle, Zamora called up Fresno Police Friday morning. He says a detective told him the soonest anyone could help was on Monday.

"Well yes it's very frustrating because what are the odds of finding the truck with the same damage. Same year, same colors. Same everything and we both know that there can't be such a coincidence." said Zamora.

Action News called Fresno's Southwest policing district. Our calls and messages were not returned.

Zamora understands there are bigger problems that the police department has to deal with, especially in this day and age of budget cuts. But he just wants his trailer back.

"I don't even care to press charges. Just give me my trailer back, let me get back to work and let me move on with my life and that's it. That's all." Zamora said.

Zamora is also offering a reward of $500 to anyone who can return his trailer.

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