Chowchilla coaches arrested on sex charges

FRESNO, Calif.

The two coaches live in Chowchilla, they have been booked on several felony charges for inappropriate sexual conduct with minors.

Police and the school are not saying much about these alleged crimes because of the victim is underage but Action News spoke with the school's superintendent and he says both of the men are softball coaches at Chowchilla Union High School.

Edward Tovar, 37, is the paid head coach for the Junior Varsity softball team. He's worked at the school for a year.

And Earl Spomer, 39, is a volunteer coach with the JV and Varsity softball teams. He's been with the school for about 3 years. Previously, Spomer worked with the high school's football team.

The school first learned about the alleged sex crimes on Thursday when Earl Spomer was arrested. They were even more surprised when Edward Tovar was arrested on Friday.

Parents and administrators in this small town said they're very upset to hear about these coaches being arrested for sex crimes with a student.

"Our children are supposed to be going to school to learn from these people, to look up to them," Patricia Marceaux said. "This is inappropriate."

"We are completely in shock and sick to our stomachs at... last Thursday and Friday's investigation that's still ongoing," Superintendent Ron Seals said.

Superintendent Seals said he's never heard complaints about the coaches before the arrests. Both men have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The superintendent says he's been out of town most of this week and said the school has not yet notified parents about these arrests.

George Negron has a daughter who is a student athlete at CUHS, he said the news of sex crime-related arrests make him want to take her out of sports altogether. "You want to just get a real tight grip on your kids and tell them come back, you know," Negron said.

It's not yet clear if the victim or victims were athletes on those softball teams.

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