Dozens protest Bank of America in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Several organizations joined together for Saturday's protest along Shaw Ave. near Fashion Fair Mall.

The demonstrators say they pay their taxes and they want Bank of America to do the same.

They're upset that the state and federal governments are in the midst of major budget shortfalls, while corporations don't pay their share of taxes.

"Of the richest corporations like Bank of America did not pay their taxes. They use off shore tax havens and other tax expenditures to avoid what is there responsibility," Connie Peterson said.

Bank of America did not respond to our requests for a comment on Saturday's protests but the corporation did issue a statement in reference to a similar protest last month.

It said the company has paid billions in taxes over the last ten years. But in the last two years, it posted losses.

And like any taxpayer, you don't pay taxes if you don't have any income.

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