Tax deadline extension running out

FRESNO, Calif.

Monday the Fresno Tax Payer Assistance Center at the IRS building in Downtown Fresno will be open and offering free tax help.

Sunday Action News met with a tax preparer who says business has actually been a bit slower than expected.

Three additional days to file means extra time for people like Stephanie Jazen to get their taxes filed without a penalty.

"I hope I don't owe, I think I don't owe. If I do, that's not a reason why I waited until the last minute."

Janzen, a school teacher, tells Action News she put off her taxes until the day before the final deadline because she's just been too busy to file.

"I was able to concentrate on getting my job done as far as school and what not. And then try to get taxes done really quick before tomorrow."

Carol Aldecoa is the owner of Liberty Tax in Fresno, she says, she had planned for her stores to be packed.

But business is actually down about 50 percent from this time last year.

"I think a lot of people just aren't filing this year or try to do it themselves," Aldecoa said.

Aldecoa says many of the procrastinators seem to enjoy the deadline pressure. "Some people actually enjoy coming in on the last day. It's like going Chrismas shopping on Christmas Eve, they enjoy the rush."

Even though business was slow Sunday, she's planning for a Monday rush.

"We're staffing for it to be busy all day long, until midnight."

As for Janzen, she's ready to get her 2010 taxes out of the way so she could enjoy her upcoming spring break. "I don't want to have to do that again like this, even if we have a few extra days."

There are many places you can file your taxes for free online but if you need assistance with items like the a foreclosure you can come by the IRS building in Downtown Fresno starting Monday morning.

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