4/11/2011 Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Beekeepers say the last two wet winters and more plentiful greenery may have helped temper the effects of colony collapse disorder. The disease has virtually wiped out some bee stocks across California.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports, the number of honeybee colonies in California is at its highest level in seven years. The National Agricultural Statistics Service, counted 410,000 honey bee colonies last year. That's up from 355,000 in 2009.

Central Valley citrus growers are busy with their harvests while other local growers are preparing for planting.

Orange, and lemon harvests continued in the San Joaquin Valley as the grapefruit and mandarin harvests neared completion.

Grape vineyards showed strong shoot growth across the state.

Prune, pear, and cherry blooms are finished.

Strawberry and blueberry fields in East Fresno County are in bloom.

Planting of mixed summer vegetables is in full swing in Tulare County.

Madera County reported fresh tomato transplanting.

Tomato planting continued as bell pepper planting began in Merced County.

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