Young girls given meth, sexually assaulted in Kings County


32-year-old Michael Rodriguez was arrested on kidnapping, child abuse, sexual battery and narcotics charges.

Neighbors woke up at 7:00 Tuesday morning to several young girls screaming for help. A deputy who arrived on scene had to use a taser to subdue the suspect because of his erratic and dangerous behavior.

Jeanette Madrid came out of her house to find her neighbor, Michael Rodriguez, acting bizarre, and five young girls distressed. Madrid says Rodriguez had his hands on one of them. "He was holding her, restraining her. She was just upset and crying, obviously, against her will."

Com. Robert Thayer with the Kings County Sheriff's Office describes what happened, "When the deputy first got on scene he confronted the suspect, Michael Rodriguez, who kind of took a position of a fighting stance and made mention of some very bizarre things like he was a god of some sort.

Commander Robert Thayer says the deputy used a taser to subdue and then arrest Rodriguez, who was also found with a large quantity of methamphetamine in his front pocket.

Thayer says the suspect had just put four of the five girls through a horrifying night. A 9-year-old girl was asleep at the time of the crimes but is still considered a victim.

Investigators say Rodriguez forced four of the five girls to take methamphetamines, sexually assaulted three of them, and also injured one of the girls with a pair of scissors. And that's not all.

Thayer said, "At some point he took out some aggression on the family hamster and killed the family hamster and just creating a terror of an evening for these girls."

Madrid said, "Obviously he's out of his mind because any normal person wouldn't do anything like that."

While many neighbors are shocked, some are standing by Rodriguez. "This is just some freak accident or I don't know how to explain it just something that's hard," said Tina Moreno. "It's hard to explain."

The four girls who were forced to take methamphetamine are still heavily intoxicated and are undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital.

Rodriguez faces a long list of criminal charges, including child abuse, animal abuse, forcing a minor to take drugs and kidnapping.

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