Cops discover huge pot grow in Farmersville


Narcotics task force officers found that 24-year-old Danny Lane of Farmersville had a medical marijuana card that allowed him to legally grow 80 plants inside a canopy in the backyard. But investigators say a sophisticated operation inside the home is what turned this into a criminal case.

Lt. Tom Sigley said, "Subsequently we found an additional marijuana indoor grow. As well as evidence that there's been tampering with power to residence."

Detectives found an additional 220 pot plants inside. All told, the 300 plants could have grown to an estimated street value of close to a million dollars.

Investigators also determined that Lane broke off a SoCal Edison lid and stole power to supply his marijuana grow.

"He had the lights and the ventilation. He had a lot of plants that had been growing a while," said Lt. Tom Sigley. "But indoor grows like this sometimes lead to mold in the houses and there was evidence of that."

The mold likely led code enforcement to deem the home unsafe to live in. The city put up a bright orange flyer Monday to let people know no one would be allowed to live here in the near future. News of the arrest shocked neighbors like David Crisel. He says this is a quiet neighborhood.

"It's surprising because people around here are friendly and cordial that they know you and say hi," said like David Crisel. "When you walk down the street they wave you. It's a nice neighborhood it really is."

Deputies also arrested 20-year-old Stephen Athey of Armona at the scene Monday for possessing hashish.

This case is still under investigation and Lane could face multiple charges including cultivation of marijuana, possession with intent to sell and tampering with power lines.

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