Good Friday remembered around the world

Pope Benedict led a traditional prayer service at Saint Peter's Basilica. He also held a question and answer session on Italian TV -- taking questions from faithful around the world. He comforted many and urged them to pray.

In Christian tradition, Good Friday marks the day Jesus Christ was crucified by Romans. The celebration is followed by Easter Sunday which commemorates the resurrection of Christ and also marks the end of Lent. About 200 Australians joined the annual Good Friday procession in Sydney Australia.

This year's re-enactment of the crucifixion of Christ was given a modern twist. Roman soldiers were transformed into modern day strong men, who laughed and jeered at a struggling Jesus figure played by an actor, as he carried the cross.

More traditional Good Friday services were held throughout the country. Many churches held collections for those affected by recent disasters in Australia and overseas, such as the earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan.

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